RED is the colour of passion, and passion is what we fill every project with. Why?

Because we firmly believe that communication and production are interconnected, today more than ever.

We pride ourselves on the ability in understanding how to deliver a message properly, both from an aesthetic and functional point of view. We optimize our resources in order to always create unparalleled films, regardless of the genre (advertising, cinema, documentary, brand content or theatre). 

Here are some keywords that define us: versatility, quality, listening, precision and beauty.

These words span across the whole audiovisual language, because different challenges requires different skills, and we strive to be always ready. 

For us, filmmaking is life. So no wonder we put everything into it: mind, soul and passion. Because we think that only through analytical capacity and passionate commitment, top-quality audiovisual products can be achieved. 

Marco Malfi Chindemi.

Marco was born on August 24th 1970 in Milan. He graduated from university with a thesis on George Orwell’s dystopian model in the novel 1984.

Since 1994 he has worked in the world of advertising, film and television production, performing various roles, from assistant director to executive producer. He has been involved in many of the major advertising campaigns in Italy.

Since 2003 he has been running an annual workshop at the Università Cattolica, examining the cycle of film production.

• Executive producer of Luca Lucini’s documentary “LEONARDO DA VINCI. THE GENIUS IN MILAN”, 2015-2016
• Executive producer and scriptwriter of Laura Chiossone’s movie “TRA CINQUE MINUTI IN SCENA” (About 5 minutes on stage), 2013
• Executive producer of Laura Chiossone’s documentary “PER IL TEMPO CHE RESTA”, 2012
• Writer and director of the documentary “IL CORPO DELLE DONNE”, 2009
• Executive producer of Paolo Virzì’s documentary “L’UOMO CHE AVEVA PICCHIATO LA TESTA”, 2009
• Post-production coordinator for Paolo Virzì’s film “LA PRIMA COSA BELLA”
• Post-production coordinator for the TV film “4 SINGLE FATHER”, 2008, for Mediaset, directed by Paolo Monico with the artistic supervision of Gabriele Muccino.
• Post-production coordinator for the documentary “IO RICORDO”, 2008, directed by Ruggero Gabbai.
• Post-production coordinator for the film “ESTOMAGO”, 2007, co-produced by INDIANA-ZENCRANE.